Akeso Gift Card
from $25.00
Akeso Gift Card
Akeso gift cards are now available! Gift cards can be purchased but used ONLY during restocks! Available in $25, $50, $75, and $100!
from $25.00
Apple Dumplin Foaming Body Scrub
Something wicked walks this way 💀Apple Dumplin’ Foaming Scrub is everything you’ve been waiting for! She’s sweet, Spicey, and oh so moisturizing 🤩 🎃made with apple powder, hemp, Shea butter, colloidal oats, cinnamon and buttermilk! Benefits of this scrub include:...
Argan and Marshmallow Hair Milk- "Conditioning Detangler"
This hair milk is a leave in conditioning detangler hand crafted with hydrating ingredients such as: aloe vera, goats milk, argan oil, neem oil, marshmallow root, botanical extracts, silk protein, and rose clay.  This detangler is perfect for my goddesses who...
Blessed Honey Bee Cream
Manuka honey, carrot seed oil, turmeric, Shea and more! All of the amazing benefits of the blessed honey bee soap bar, in an antioxidant packed moisturizer! Use 2x a day, both morning in night to lighten hyperpigmentation, age spots, and...
Body Lotion’s
Our body lotions are Lightweight, fast absorbing, and super moisturizing!  This lotion has a buttery, smooth and silky texture. Formulated with Goats Milk, Shea Butter, Aloe, and Fruit Powders- these lotions will leave you hydrated and smelling good enough to...
Bub's Beard Oil
🌿BEARD OIL🌿Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Shea, lavender, nettle & more- this beard oil is infused with herbs to promote hair growth, eliminate beard itch/dandruff, and condition the hairs for an overall soft, full, and healthy looking beard. Essential oil blend...
This is the body butter you’ve been hoping for ✨ Made with Shea butter, mango butter, and infused with calendula oil, this butter will help with dry and cracked skin, scars and stretch marks. Promotes skin elasticity and nourishes the...
Caramelized Cinnamon and Cashmere Bar
Key ingredients include: Cacao powder, sweet almond oil, honey, coconut milk and more! This bar was formulated to hydrate dry, itchy, and irritated winter skin! As the seasons change- so does our skin!. Coconut milk // Cacao provides a luxurious,...
Goddess of Youth Ageless Serum
Made with: Marcuja oil, cucumber seed oil, blue tansy, Moringa Oil, butterfly pea extract and more! Great for mature skin, saggy skin, those who are concerned with fine lines//wrinkles and those who want to kick start their preventative skin care...
Hippy Dippy Yoni Bar
Crafted for your most sacred space. Infused with herbal healing AKA yoni oil, this bar will help with your basic womb ailments, such as cramping during your menstrual cycle. This bar may prevent yeast infections,  helps with BV and odor. ...
In Bloom All Over Oil 4 oz.
This Oil isn't your typical body oil! An extremely potent herbal infusion consisting of: Sunflower seed oil, hemp oil, apricot kernel oil, 8 herbal infusion blend, Tea Tree, Neroli, Orange Essential oil.  The herbs in this oil are steeped in...
Plant Fusion Aloe Bar
Plant Fusion Aloe Bar: A calming, soothing, plant based soap bar 🧼🌍 this bar is great for soothing irritated, dry or dehydrated skin. Great for all skin types, but especially sensitive! Key Ingredients:Spirulina:Spirulina facilitates faster cell turnover that helps skin...
Pomegranate and Papaya Bar
Regenerates skin cells from UV damage. Combats fine lines and wrinkles. Addresses the appearance of large pores 🥭Helps control excess production of sebum 🥭Helps relieve itchy, dry, flaky skin with anti-inflammatory agents. Brings relief for scaly and irritated skin conditions and sunburn with...
Pumpkin and Brown Sugar Facial Scrub
Contains Pumpkin powder, cinnamon infused pumpkin oil, hemp seed oil, vanilla, and more: this scrub is rich in skin healing Vitamin A, anti-oxidant Vitamin C and Zinc! Pumpkin powder soothes, moisturizes and acts as a carrier for other ingredients, which...
Pumpkin Coconut and Coffee Scrub Bar
Pumpkin Coconut and Coffee Scrub Bar ✨Contains Pumpin Powder, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Coconut oil, clove and more- this bar is great for cellulite//dimples, body acne, dark circles and more. This bar also contains fruit enzymes that help naturally exfoliate dead...
Pumpkin Cookie Butter Bar
Pumpkin Cookie Butter Bar 🎃Made with Pumpkin Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sandalwood, Camu Camu, Myhrr and more! Benefits of this bar include:🎃Antibacterial and Antimicrobial🎃 Myhrr is known to alleviate pain and accelerate wound healing🎃Combats inflammation and swelling🎃High in...
Strawberry Rhubarb Creamy Cake Shower Gel
A thick, hydrating, and creamy shower gel with an extremely decadent lather! This shower gel not only smells amazing, but it’s also extremely beneficial for your skin!  Key players in this shower gel include: RHUBARB: Antioxidant-Rich. Rhubarb boasts plenty of...
Turmeric and Lavender Glow Bar
Turmeric fights acne, combats bad bacteria that causes breakouts, reduces acne scarring, helps with hyper pigmentation and contains properties that will give you a natural glow ✨ Lavender helps soothe dry/irritated skin, can prevent wrinkles and contains anti-fungal properties. This...
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